How To Set Up The Cleaning Station

How To Set Up The Cleaning Station

Posted by The Cleaning Station on Feb 12th 2021

It's easy and quick to get your Cleaning Station up and running. Check out our video below on how to set it up, and for step-by-step instructions, read on!

Note - these instructions are for Cleaning Stations that are using wet Bulk Wipes. 

1. Insert the wet wipe nozzle for your wipes into the top of The Cleaning Station.

2. Open your wet wipes by cutting a 2'" 'V' into the packaging, and thread the first wipe through the nozzle. For even more detailed wipe insertion instructions, check out our blog post here

3. On the backside of the dispenser, gently peel off the adhesive backing.

4. Open up the front door of The Cleaning Station and locate the dispenser area.

5. Carefully place the dispenser onto The Cleaning Station, making sure it is centered.

6. Once you have the dispenser in place, press firmly.

7. Add a Hand Sanitizer pouch refill.

8. Open the front of the hand sanitizer dispenser from the top.

9. Make sure the disc pump is facing the front of the dispenser.

10. Insert the refill into the dispenser.

11. Close the front dispenser panel.

12. Store additional cleaning products, spray bottles, and more on the shelving space.