How to Install and Dispense Wet Wipes

How to Install and Dispense Wet Wipes

Posted by The Cleaning Station on Apr 20th 2020

Follow this guide to install the wet wipe nozzle into your Cleaning Station and learn how to load a roll of wipes into your dispenser.

1. Take your roll of wet wipes, making sure to leave the roll in the bag. Removing the wipes from the bag or cutting a large opening in the top will dry the roll out.

2. Cut a "V" shaped slit, no more than 2", out of the top of the wipe roll bag.

3. Leaving the wipe roll in the bag, place this aside while you install the wet wipe nozzle.

4. To dispense wet wipes, you will be using the "half moon" nozzle. Do not use the full "open circle" nozzle, as that component is used when dispensing dry towels. (Click here for installation instructions for dry towels)

5. Open the back door of The Cleaning Station.

6. Locate the dispenser hole in the top of The Cleaning Station and insert the nozzle into the hole from the inside of the dispenser.

7. Make sure to insert the nozzle upward, then rotate the nozzle until it is locked into place.

8. From the outside of the dispenser, the nozzle should be in perfect alignment with the dispenser opening.

9. Grab your wipe roll and place it into The Cleaning Station through the back door.

10. Pull the first wipe from the center of the roll through the "V" shaped slit approximately 6–8".

11. Carefully thread the wipes through the dispenser nozzle.

12. Grab the top wipe from the outside of the dispenser to pull it completely through the nozzle.

13. Once the roll is started, wipes will be able to be dispensed and cut via the "half moon" nozzle.

14. Close the back door of The Cleaning Station, and you're all set.