A comprehensive cleaning unit packed with features

Wet or dry towel
Easy to load wet wipes or dry towels, using our custom designed nozzle.
Hand sanitizer
Protect yourself against germs and hand sanitize after every touch.
Built-in storage
Ultimate organizer to store supplies and removable divider increases shelf space.
Removable trash
Dispose your wipes and empty supplies with easy access trash receptacle.
Spread your message with custom sign holder, add casters for mobility.
Strong and
Textured surface won’t rust, dent or scratch. Economical fits your budget.
Sleek and stunning
Ergonomic, sleek design with a small footprint. Looks great in your décor.
Color options for
any decor
Choose between our two colors, Stunning Silver or Striking Black.

Complete and convenient cleaning

Solve all of your hygiene issues at once with The Cleaning Station. This sleek dispenser contains everything you need to clean equipment, wipe off any surface, and sanitize your hands.


Pull your choice of a pre-moistened wipe or dry towel.


Wipe down your desired equipment or surfaces.


Toss the used wipe or towel into the hidden trash receptacle.


Clean your hands with the mounted hand sanitizer dispenser.

Keeping facilities clean in every industry

The Cleaning Station is easily configurable for any industry’s specific needs. From fitness facilities to healthcare, effective cleaning and sanitizing routines are critical for the health of your staff and guests.

See how The Cleaning Station meets the needs of facilities in every industry.

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