Office Facilities

How to maintain a healthy & happy workplace

Promote and practice proper office hygiene throughout the day with the help of The Cleaning Station. Germs are spread easily throughout the office and a few coworkers under the weather could turn into a widespread instance of sick days and low productivity. With The Cleaning Station, employees will have easy access to hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, wipes, and towels to stop germs in their tracks.

Keeping hands and surfaces clean throughout the day combined with routine heavy duty cleaning by janitorial staff is the perfect way to keep your workplace healthy, happy, and productive.

The Cleaning Station fights germs all over the office:

  • Keyboards & computers
  • Desks, chairs, & phones
  • Bathrooms
  • Conference tables
  • Kitchens, tables, & dining areas
  • Water fountains
  • Doorknobs

Support heavy duty janitorial routines with daily cleaning & sanitizing

Improve productivity at work & stop the spread of germs

Reduce sick days & keep employees healthy all year round

Perfect for every workspace

The Cleaning Station is versatile enough to be used in nearly every type of office and workspace.

  • Corporate offices
  • Reception areas
  • Office buildings
  • Small businesses
  • Conference rooms
  • Cafeterias & breakrooms
  • Shared spaces & cubicles
  • Manufacturing
  • Airports