GotFreshBreath Automatic Mouthwash Dispenser

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  • GotFreshBreath Auto Mouthwash Dispenser
  • Auto Mouthwash Dispenser
  • GotFreshBreath Mouthwash Dispenser


Easy Hygiene with the Automatic Mouthwash Dispenser

Embrace a transformation in oral hygiene with the GotFreshBreath Automatic Mouthwash Dispenser. This smart solution caters to modern active lifestyles, promising superior hygiene effortlessly and swiftly.

Ideal for bustling spaces like offices, gyms, and spas as well as home bathrooms, this dispenser facilitates uncomplicated oral freshness. Its robust design thrives in high-use areas, streamlining oral hygiene while reducing ecological impact by eliminating the need for disposable cups.

Control your mouthwash portions with ease, preventing wastage and promoting sustainability. The GotFreshBreath Automatic Mouthwash Dispenser is a clean, green, bacteria-fighting companion!

Prioritizing hygiene, its touch-free operation curbs germ transmission, fostering healthier environments from locker rooms to family bathrooms.

In time-sensitive worlds, this dispenser proves to be a reliable ally, providing rapid oral hygiene solutions. Its efficient functionality marks it as a top choice for those valuing hygiene and time. ​


This mouthwash dispenser is both wall-mounting and self-standing. However, we recommend that the dispenser be mounted to the wall to help prevent the unit accidentally getting knocked over or broken, particularly in environments with high traffic. For additional installation instructions, check out this useful video.

Mouthwash Refill Case

The compatible Mouthwash Slim Refill Case includes all the supplies needed to go with your Mouthwash Dispenser. It comes with six 1.5 liter bottles and a box of 600 cups. A mouthwash refill case lasts an average high-volume location around a month.


  • Function: Automates the mouthwash dispensing process for quick, hygienic, and convenient use
  • Ideal For: High-traffic areas (offices, gyms, restaurants, spas)
  • Design: Robust, durable, and designed to withstand high use
  • Portion Control: User-defined mouthwash portions, preventing excess usage
  • Hygiene: Touch-free operation to minimize germ transmission
  • Efficiency: Quick, easy-to-use solution for fast-paced environments
  • User-Friendly: Simple operation that fits seamlessly into any oral hygiene routine


  • Color: Black and White. Chrome color is available with Extended Lead Time. 
  • Size: 10" x 18" x 4"
  • Valve: Hands-free electronic
  • Locking: Fully locking outer case for mouthwash
  • Installation: Both wall-mounting or self-standing
  • Compatibility: Exclusively compatible with GotFreshBreath Slim Mouthwash Refills
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