Germisept 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Wipes (800/roll, 2 rolls/case)

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  • 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Wipes
  • Germisept 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Wipes
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Germisept Advanced 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Wipes | (2 rolls/case)

Delve into the world of cleanliness and safety with Germisept Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Wipes. Experience the power of these hand sanitizing wipes designed to prioritize your hygiene, leaving you germ-free in an instant!

Enriched with 75% alcohol content, Germisept wipes are the perfect solution for swift and effective bacteria elimination. They strike a balance between strong disinfection properties and skin safety, making them suitable for everyone.

In today's high-traffic workplaces and public gathering spots, Germisept Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Wipes are a perfect fit. They help ensure cleanliness in offices, schools, hospitals, and any location where hygiene is crucial.

Are you using an upward-pull dispensers? These antibacterial wipes make great refill options! Designed for quick and easy access, they are an excellent choice for locations requiring frequent sanitization.

So, equip yourself with Germisept Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Wipes today, and embrace the assurance of a germ-free lifestyle! Say goodbye to bacteria and hello to healthier living.


  • A convenient and gentle way to keep guests healthy
  • 75% alcohol-based formula is gentle on skin and contains no harsh chemicals
  • Gentle on the skin - these wipes are free of harsh preservatives, and do not contain dye, triclosan, parabens or phthalates
  • Kills 99.99% of germs
  • Compatible with upward-pull dispensers, making them easily accessible and convenient to use
  • Refillable and convenient with 1,600 wipes in total (2 x 800 count rolls)


  • Roll Count: 2 rolls/case
  • Wipe Count: 800 wipes/roll, 1,600 total wipes
  • Roll Dimensions: 10.43" h x 10.62" w
  • Wipe Dimensions: 5.9" h x 7.8" w
  • Active Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol 75%
  • Inactive ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Aqua (Purified & De-Ionized Water), Benzalkonium Chloride, Glycerin
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