The Cleaning Station Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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The Cleaning Station Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 

Imagine wiping a dirty germy surface and then not cleaning your hands -- Yuck! This practice is unfortunately common in both residential and commercial settings, which often leads to germ transmission and continual contamination of your person and facility.

Designed to be used with the Zogics Hand Sanitizer Gel Bags (sold separately), our Wall Mount Hand Sanitizer Dispenser easily installs on most walls within minutes, and will help your facility patrons maintain their personal and collective cleanliness.

Studies show that placing multiple sanitizer dispensers throughout a facility increases habitual use and decreases germ volume, so we highly recommend that you observe the traffic patterns of your patrons, and then install a sanitizer dispenser at all main thoroughfares and points of congregation.

  • ADA-compliant push bar allows for easy accessibility by all patrons
  • Easy-to-install wall mount system discretely and securely fits on most walls
  • Compatible with Zogics Hand Sanitizer Gel Bags (sold separately)

Dimensions: 4.92" W x 10.63" H x 3.66" D
Weight: 1 lb
Dispenser Capacity: (1) 1,000mL Gel Bag
Material: Plastic