Education Facilities

The smart cleaning solution for schools & universities

Classrooms, dorms, and cafeterias are all high traffic areas that are hiding germs ready to attack. It’s important to have hand sanitizer readily available for students and staff to avoid spreading anything contagious. Equally important is wiping down frequently used surfaces.

The Cleaning Station helps alleviate absenteeism by providing an all-in-one cleaning solution for all education systems and facilities.

Maintain healthy schools with The Cleaning Station & sanitize:

  • Desks & chairs
  • Computer labs
  • Lunch rooms
  • Libraries
  • Classrooms
  • Administration offices
  • Theaters

Stop contagious illnesses and germs from spreading throughout your school

Educate and instill proper hygiene habits with The Cleaning Station

Support janitorial staff with continuous cleaning during the day

Perfect for the education system

The Cleaning Station is versatile enough to be used in every educational setting:

  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Elementary schools
  • Daycare centers
  • Libraries
  • Cafeterias
  • Gyms