Super Blue Film- Free All Purpose Cleaner (80 oz, 2/case)

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All Purpose Cleaner | Super Blue Film-Free Cleaner

Clean with the bright, fresh smell of lemons with  Super Blue All Purpose Cleaner. This highly concentrated cleaner works on all types of surfaces and leaves no visible residue. It can be used in a spray bottle, mop bucket, automatic scrubber and more! For optimal dispensing, try one of the PrecisionFlo dispensers.

  • Multi-purpose cleaner
  • Leaves clean, film-free surfaces
  • Works well with hard or soft surfaces
  • Neutral pH won't harm floor finishes
  • Minimal rinsing required
  • Highly concentrated, for use in PrecisionFlo dispensers


This product must be diluted before use. 

Dispense diluted product into spray bottle, mop bucket, or automatic scrubber then apply product by spray, mop, sponge, cloth or auto-scrubber to soiled surface. If necessary, agitate to help remove excessive soils. Wipe dry with clean cloth or rinse thoroughly with clean water after use.

Apply solution to floor using a mop or automatic scrubber. Allow product to dwell for 3 – 4 minutes. Agitate solution using a blue or green pad or brush. Remove solution from the floor with a mop, wet vacuum or automatic scrubber. Rinse with clean water. Allow floor to dry completely prior to recoating floor with finish.

  • Scent: Lemon
  • Recommended Dilution: 1:200
  • pH: 12.0-13.0
  • Base: Synthetic detergent
  • Foam: Moderate
  • Viscosity: Water Thin
  • Solubility: Complete with water
  • Rinsability: Complete with water
  • Emulsification: Excellent
  • Storage/Stability: 2 years
  • Quantity: 2 - 80 ounce bottles