Kimberly-Clark Coreless Double Roll Bathroom Tissue Dispenser, Smoke

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KCC 09604

Coreless Toilet Paper Dispenser | Kimberly-Clark Toilet Paper Dispenser

Meet the Kimberly-Clark Coreless Double Roll Bathroom Tissue Dispenser in a versatile Smoke color - your answer to proficient restroom management.

This sleek and modern tissue dispenser, available in a sophisticated Smoke shade, complements any high-traffic restroom decor. The Kimberly-Clark Coreless Double Roll Bathroom Tissue Dispenser is more than just a stylish accessory.

For high-volume restrooms, this dispenser is a lifesaver. No more concerns about depleted tissue supplies. The double roll feature maximizes availability, holding two full-size tissue rolls, amplifying your restroom's tissue capacity. It ensures an uninterrupted restroom experience for all users, drastically reducing instances of an empty dispenser.

The coreless aspect not only reduces waste but also adheres to eco-friendly initiatives. By eliminating cardboard cores, roll stubs, and half-used rolls, the dispenser reduces waste, conserves storage space, and minimizes roll changing time.

With an easy-loading system and a sliding front cover, refills are quick and effortless, allowing your cleaning staff to prioritize sanitation tasks and increase their overall efficiency.

Investing in the Kimberly-Clark Coreless Double Roll Bathroom Tissue Dispenser signifies a commitment to efficient restroom management, environmental sustainability, and exceptional user service. Make the switch to this tissue dispenser today and experience an unmatched blend of efficiency, eco-friendliness, and user satisfaction in your restroom facilities.

This system can be used with the Kimberly-Clark Scott Coreless Standard Roll Bathroom Tissue.

  • Modern design, durable construction
  • Bathroom Tissue dispenser holds 2 full rolls of standard coreless tissue
  • The dispenser is ADA compliant when installed properly and is easy-to-use and to install
  • Dispenser meets ADA Standards

  • Dimensions: 11" w x 7.63" h x 6" d
  • Color: Smoke
  • Covered dispenser keeps tissue sanitary
  • Material: Durable plastic
  • Mounting hardware included